Classic Car Restoration 

Revive your classic car to its former glory. At Early Iron Restoration, we take pride in being a top tier Classic Car Restoration shop in Rochester, MN. Whether your classic car is under performing or you simply want to overhaul its looks we have methods to achieve that. After all, your classic car is one of the few tangible objects you have today that reminds of your good old days of the 20th century. We promise to not only fix the exterior and interior looks but also revive the engine for supreme performance. Yes, you may not believe but with the advancing technology, our experts can fix your old lethargic engine to its youthful prime.

Being the one of the top restoration shops in the area, we vow to breathe a new life into the engine and you will greatly enjoy the improved acceleration and refined smoother engine. But more importantly, your heart will be content and with the improved performance, you will easily recall the golden memories of your life which are forever embedded into the core of your being. There is absolutely nothing to wait for. You can easily prolong the life and even improve the performance of your classic car with ease by hiring us. Call us at 507-226-8870 or just bring in you vehicle during business hours for a free